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Our company is made up of people whose passion is first and foremost Logistics. Since 2001, we have been providing the best road transport solutions to our customers throughout Europe. We ensure that our service is tailored to the individual needs of our best customers every day, which is why we have consistently been a leader in dedicated express transport for many years.

Despite being on the market for 23 years we are not standing still – we are constantly developing and want to set standards in the industry, which is why we are constantly working on new solutions for our customers, expanding our service in accordance with our customers’ expectations.

Matex Transport provides a customized transport service that ensure safety and the best logistics solutions tailored to your business.

Our main services


Express transportation is a solution that stands out for its quick response to emerging needs. At Matex Transport, we have a fleet of 130 of our own modern vans, thanks to which we provide our customers with the capabilities of an industry leader. We are people to trust!


Regardless of the type of goods or the destination – our FTL shipping solutions have been designed with our customers in mind. We have our own fleet of 30 trucks, so you get a service tailored to your biggest needs.


Our fleet enables you to deliver general cargo anywhere in the European Union. Thanks to the possibility of dispersing the senders and recipients of the consignment, which affects the delivery time, you will incur significantly lower transport costs.

We have also


Part of our fleet is authorized to carry ADR goods. Transport of ADR goods requires appropriate knowledge of regulations. Entrusting us with your goods, you have nothing to fear – thanks to the experience and appropriate knowledge of our employees, transport of dangerous goods is not a problem for us.


Our latest service, air freight is the ideal solution for customers where the most important criterion for the execution of the order is the delivery of goods from different parts of the world in the shortest possible time. We provide 3 options of service: aircharter, air freight and courier on board.


We put in the hands of our customers the possibility of transporting goods also by rail. This service will work perfectly in the case when it is necessary to quickly transport cargo to China. With our help and that of our partners, customers’ goods will be delivered safely on time.


Refrigerated transport is a challenge for the haulier – the goods being transported must be kept under constant temperature control by means of specialised technology. Constant monitoring, care and precaution at the highest level are therefore important, which we guarantee.


Flexibility of service and the ability to adapt to changing market factors is the key to success, which is why we continue to improve our service to be your best carrier. Our offer includes the possibility of storge of your goods and all the assistance associated with this process.


Your cargo is awaiting customs clearance and you are wondering how the process will work? Thanks to our customs clearance consultation service, you can verify the information you have obtained and supplement your existing knowledge. With us you will have peace of mind!