Air freight

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Do you care about the fastest possible transportation of goods from different parts of the world? At Matex Transport, we are open to the needs of our customers, which is why we have supplemented our offer with an air freight service. This service will guarantee delivery of your cargo in a relatively short time, wherever you want.

When planning the implementation of the service, we were concerned not only with its speed in delivery, but also with its attractive price. For this reason, we ensured that major airlines operating worldwide were responsible for the carriage.

Do your contractors come from remote parts of Europe or even the world? This service is tailored to your business needs! You can choose the transport option:

  • Aircharter (airport to airport)
  • Air Freight (door to airport)
  • Courier on board (door to door)

Courier on board – has the highest priority in terms of transport services for shipments with short lead times. It ensures that the goods are delivered within a few hours of the courier picking up the load. An organised courier monitors and ensures the smoothness of the supply chains by providing real-time information.

Air freight – why is it worth it?

  • short transit times for long geographical distances
  • fixed logistics service with short lead times
  • wide range of destinations
  • wide range of transport options
  • the possibility of transporting bulky goods

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Anna Nazim

Logistics Director