At Matex Transport, we strive to continuously improve our business practices in order to contribute to protecting our planet for future generations. Together, we create an environment where business can coexist harmoniously with nature.

Green Future: Our Road to Sustainability

We are proud of our long tradition, not only in the field of transport, but also in our social commitment and concern for our environment.

At Matex Transport we want to actively contribute to the protection of the environment, both in our daily operations and in our office. We strive to make our everyday environment not only a workplace, but also an oasis of sustainability.

Over the years, we have operated with the aim of making a positive impact on the community and the environment, and our commitment to CSR is an integral part of our mission. We invite you to learn more about our activities and discover how Matex Transport cares for the sustainability of our environment. Together we change the world for the better!

"Green in business is not just a fashion statement, it is a responsibility and an investment in the future. We believe that sustainable practices not only benefit the environment, but also our business and our community.