Our history

We are a leader in the logistics industry, specialising in international express and dedicated transport. Although we have been in business since 2001, we do not lack passion, freshness and openness. 

We are constantly evolving. In 2022 and 2023, we have provided our customers with solutions such as FTL, groupage transport, warehouses, customs clearance, rail and air transport. However, we do not put the last word on it – every day we strive to be better to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. 

Due to the fact that we operate on a large scale, you will find our headquarters in three countries: Poland, Italy and Germany. This also means that we speak your language! We know how important this is for our customers – and we believe it will be for you too.

We focus on quality

At Matex Transport we prioritise the quality of our services. That is why it gives us great joy to receive every certificate, which is confirmation that we are a trustworthy company. The last of the distinctions, however, fills us with particular pride. The ISO 9001:2015 certificate proves that our company meets the most demanding quality management standards. Contact us and convince yourself of our professionalism by the example of your business!

We are a family business

Do you follow the spirit of a family company when working together? Relationship and trust are the core values that we have upheld since the beginning of Matex Transport. Whether we are building a friendship with our Customers, Partners or Employees, we surround it with the same care.

While working on improvements in the company, we do not forget what is most important – people. It is they who make the biggest difference. That’s why we strive every day to create a place of understanding and support for them, managing the company as a family. We spend time talking and playing pool or foosball, which are part of our office. We just like each other!

Visit the “Our team” tab and meet the people who make us proud of where and with whom we work!

We are a socially responsible company

At Matex Transport, not only are we a leader in the logistics industry, but we also constantly strive to take socially responsible action. Our company is involved in various CSR initiatives that have a positive impact on the community, the environment and the development of local businesses.

One of our priorities is waste segregation. We know that caring for a clean and healthy environment is crucial for the future of our planet. That is why we implement waste segregation systems in our facilities and offices to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Our segregation measures aim to protect the environment and promote sustainability.

Another important initiative is the collection of bottle caps. Matex Transport employees and local communities actively participate in the collection of bottle tops, which we then donate to charity. In this way, we support people in need, especially those with disabilities, by providing them with financial resources or necessary medical assistance. Our nut collection initiative has a real impact on improving the quality of life of others.

In addition, we are environmentally conscious. We attach great importance to the responsible use of natural resources and minimising our impact on the environment. We strive to reduce energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to nature conservation. Our business practices are geared towards sustainability and taking care of the ecosystem.

As part of our CSR initiative, we also work with technicians to train young logistics professionals. We provide them with the opportunity to work in our company under the guidance of an experienced team, so that they gain valuable work experience and are supported in their career start. In this way, we are committed to developing young talent and contributing to the quality of work in the logistics industry.

We are proud of our various CSR activities. Not only do we provide high-quality logistics services, but we are also actively involved in the community and care about the environment.

We also organise collections for animals and other community groups in need. Together with our employees, we are involved in collecting food for animal shelters, toys for children from the cancer hospital and other necessary items. Our activities aim to improve the situation of those who need support and support local communities.

This is why we launched the Matex “Bezbronni” Foundation a few years ago. We do everything we can to be there when they need us most. Together we can do more, right? So find out more about our foundation and see how we can make the world a better place – together.

Young Masters of Logistics

As part of our CSR initiative, we also work with young engineering graduates who are being trained to become young logistics professionals. We offer them the opportunity to work in our company under the guidance of an experienced team, giving them valuable work experience and helping them to start their careers. This is our commitment to developing young talent and improving the quality of work in the logistics industry.

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