ADR transport

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Do you need to transport a load qualified as dangerous or consult a competent person for its shipment? Feel free to contact Marcin, our specialist responsible for ADR transport in Matex.

Materials with corrosive, radioactive or oxidising properties are regarded as dangerous goods, the transport of which must be carried out in accordance with road regulations. The standard includes requirements for packaging, load securing and marking for the transported substances. Not only is the equipment of vehicles transporting explosive goods important, but also the qualifications of the driver himself. In addition to the driving licence itself, it is necessary for him/her to have completed an ADR course confirmed by a successful examination.

ADR loads – transport them safely with us

At Matex Transport we also deal with the delivery of dangerous goods. Part of our fleet of vehicles has been adapted for ADR transport. We are able to provide not only quality and reliability in terms of express and truck transport, but also safe delivery of products covered by selected ADR markings. We look forward to working with you!

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Marcin Dorocicz

ADR Transport Consultant