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Your freight transport has a downtime and you would therefore like to store your goods nearby in a suitable place? Or are you looking for such an option for more than a few days? Your needs are our solutions.

We have supplemented the offer of Matex Transport with an extensive database of warehouses throughout Europe. Currently, this network includes over a dozen facilities, but our ambition is to continually expand it.

Your cargo will receive special attention throughout the entire storage period – regardless of whether you store it for a few hours, days or months. As with other services, you can be assured of a professional approach and quality when it comes to storage. It is these values, together with a focus on relationships, that form the foundation of our company. Dear Customer, we are here for you.

Freight depots – a service tailored to your needs

The starting point for this service is the determination of the storage period for the goods and the definition of the rules. Each commodity may require a different level of care, which is why we provide an individual approach – we are open to your needs and expectations.

When selecting storage partners, we were guided not only by experience and location, but also by the extensive scope of the service. Options such as:

  • Storage of goods in the warehouse
  • Unloading and loading of goods
  • Completion service
  • Packaging service (packaging or re-packaging of products)

Goods storage – why is it worth it?

Goods storage service creates new business opportunities. At Matex Transport, we want to provide you with services that will support the growth of your business. With cargo storage you will gain:

  • The ability to store your goods for a period of time of your choice and according to specific rules
  • Access to a range of additional services
  • Confirmation in the form of a CMR
  • Guarantee of cargo security
  • A verified network of warehouses of our partners

Let's talk about what we can do for you!

Oleg Strap

Manager of warehouse