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Matex® is not a name - it's a promise

Our company is made up of people who have been passionate about logistics for over 23 years. Creating new logistics solutions for specific production sectors, where time and direct delivery are the foundation for maintaining production continuity is our priority. Every transport is an important goal, every load is a new expectation of perfectionism. Through many years of cooperation with our clients, we have built a number of solutions that will fully meet your needs and optimize your dedicated transport. Being on the road with your precious cargo gives us the opportunity to build your image, secure delivery and most importantly, always on time.

We provide an individual transport service that provides you with security and logistics solutions tailored to your expectations.

Number of shipments in Europe in 2018-2023

United Kingdom

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Express transport departament

We have the largest fleet on the European market – 130 of our own vans, strategically located throughout Europe. In order to meet the requirements of our best Clients, we are expanding our network of Partners, whom we carefully select in order to ensure that our level of service remains at the highest level.

FTL shipping departament

Regardless of the type of goods or the destination – our latest FTL shipping solutions have been designed with our customers in mind. We have our own fleet of 30 trucks, so you get a service tailored to your biggest needs.

Groupage transport departament

Our fleet enables you to deliver general cargo anywhere in the European Union. Thanks to the possibility of dispersing the senders and recipients of the consignment, which affects the delivery time, you will incur significantly lower transport costs. Billing is based on the weight and size of the goods.

ADR goods

Part of our fleet is authorized to carry ADR goods. Transport of ADR goods requires appropriate knowledge of regulations. Entrusting us with your goods, you have nothing to fear – thanks to the experience and appropriate knowledge of our employees, transport of dangerous goods is not a problem for us.

Air freight

Our latest service, air freight is the ideal solution for customers where the most important criterion for the execution of the order is the delivery of goods from different parts of the world in the shortest possible time. We provide 3 options of service: aircharter, air freight and courier on board.

Rail transport

Are you looking for a faster and cheaper alternative to shipping from China? At Matex Transport, we make sure that our customers have access to services that respond to their needs and support their businesses.

Frigo Control

Refrigerated transport is a challenge for the haulier – the goods transported must be kept under constant temperature control by means of the specialised technology with which the fleet must be equipped. The most important aspect of this type of transport is its constant monitoring and the highest level of care and caution that we guarantee our customers.


Flexibility of service and the ability to adapt to changing market factors is the key to success, which is why we continue to improve our service to be your best carrier. Our offer includes the possibility of storage of your goods and all the assistance associated with this process.

Custom Clearance

We know how complicated and time-consuming the customs clearance process can be. How do I clear customs? How do I contact my customs office? What documents are required for customs clearance? We will help you find answers to these and many other questions.

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