Matex is not a name -

it's a promise

We build our reality through activities for the future and changes that take place in the logistics industry.

Every day, our team is working on new logistics solutions in road transport. Through the options of solutions for customers and innovative technologies, we combine logistics in one.

Thanks to building a new logistic vision, we are able to ensure the technological development of our clients. The future for our company is the development of intelligent transport, where the combination of experience and creativity is the foundation of development for the Matex Group.

Our mission

We create a new dimension of logistics with passion and determination.
Your expectations create our solutions. Your needs are our possibilities.







Our branches in Europe

Kraków ul. Lubostroń 1

Matex Transport S.C.

ul. Lubostroń 1
30-383 Kraków

Bonn Siemensstraße 36

Matex Transport GmbH

Siemensstraße 36
53121 Bonn

Cassola (VI) via. Valsugana 88/1

Matex Transport SRL

via. Valsugana 88/1
36022 Cassola (VI)

London 78 High Street Collers Wood

Matex Transport LTD

78 High Street Collers Wood
SW19 2BY London
Great Britain