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  • We are the leader in dedicated express transport in Europe with 23 years of experience (since 2001),
  • we have our own modern fleet of 130 Renault vans, 5 Iveco semi-trucks and 30 DAF&Scania trucks,
  • our specialists have knowledge backed by years of experience,
  • you get access to the innovative XTOUCH platform dedicated to our customers – your cargo is updated every minute and the CRM is with you 5 minutes after unloading,
  • we are available for you 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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We are committed to a flexible approach to our customers’ needs, allowing us to tailor our services to meet individual needs and requirements. Contact us and we will find a solution for you!

Our main services


Express transport is a solution that stands out for its quick response to emerging needs. At Matex Transport, we have a fleet of 130 of our own modern vans, allowing us to offer our customers the capabilities of a industry leader.


Whatever the type of goods or destination, our latest FTL shipping solutions are designed with you in mind. We have our own fleet of 30 DAF and Scania trucks, so you can get a service tailored to your biggest needs.
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Our fleet enables you to deliver groupage goods anywhere in the European Union and not only. Thanks to the possibility of dispersing the sender and recipient of the shipment, which affects the delivery time, you will obtain significantly lower transport costs.

Are you interested in express, shuttle or truck transport?
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We have a modern fleet of 130 vans, ready every day to go on the road with your cargo. Thanks to a well-developed strategy, we are able to have a vehicle ready for loading in as little as 2 hours from the time the order is sent, so that your delivery is always on time. At the end of 2022, we have supplemented our offer with truck transport – 30 DAF and Scania trucks are waiting to carry out full truck loads for you. In 2024, 5 semi-trucks, an Iveco Daily, were added to our fleet. 

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Sprinter vans

Dimensions (DxSxW):  4.2 x 2.10 x 2.45 m

Number of pallets: 8 europalet

Capacity: 1 100kg


Dimensions (DxSxW): 5.2 x 2.45 x 2.75 m 

Number of pallets: 12 europalet

Capacity: 3000kg


Dimensions (DxSxW): 13.6 x 2.45 x 2.7-3 m

Number of pallets: 33 europalet

Capacity: 24 000kg

Renault Master (8 pal)

Additional equipment: 4 belts / anti-slip mat / 2kg fire extinguisher / innolift / patent locks

Iveco Daily (12 pal)

Additional equipment: GPS / 24 lanes / anti-slip mats / tailift / corners 

Scania & DAF standard / mega (33 pal)

Dimensions (LxWxH): 13.6 x 2.48 x 2.7 - 3 m
Number of pallets: 33 europalets
Capacity: max. 24000 kg

Additional equipment: GPS / 24 lanes / anti-slip mats / corners