“Young Masters of Logistics” 2024

Our own "Young Masters of Logistics" project has come to an end

an innovative internship programme that allows young students to gain practical experience in the logistics industry and develop their skills under the guidance of experienced mentors.
Dominik started his internship at Matex Transport Logistics in November 2023 as an intern in the logistics department. Over the following months he learned about transport processes, work organisation and customer service. Through practical experience, he gained valuable skills and knowledge in logistics. At the end of his internship, we offered Dominik a permanent full-time position in our company, with attractive employment conditions and opportunities for professional development.
Dominik agreed to our proposal and will soon start work in his new position. We are confident that he will be a great addition to our team and that together we will achieve great success.
We believe that investing in the next generation of professionals is critical to the growth and sustainability of our industry. By providing hands-on training and mentoring, we are not only helping these young people kick-start their careers, but also ensuring that our industry continues to grow with fresh talent and innovative ideas 💡
At Matex Transport, we are committed to giving back to the community and making a positive impact on the next generation. We look forward to seeing how these young champions develop and excel in the logistics and transport industry.
We will soon be launching new projects and development opportunities for young logistics students.

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